Becoming Dr. Hinchcliffe’s patient in 2005 was an important turning point in my life.  From my teens through my early fifties, I had been suffering from hormonal imbalance, low energy, fatigue and weight gain.  Managed health care offered little to help, and I had just about given up on the medical establishment.  Once Dr. Hinchcliffe began treating me, my condition started improving within a short time, and during the last seven years under her care, I have been in my best health since childhood.

At 59, I am now as slim as a teenager, and I feel like one, too!  Thanks to Dr Hinchcliffe, I am full of energy, and I have health that I have not dreamed possible.

Dr Hinchcliffe has had a profound impact on the health and well-being of my whole family.  She diagnosed gluten intolerance in my older son, and my younger’s son’s persistent eczema has vastly improved.

Dr Hinchcliffe is amazingly knowledgeable, wise, and thorough.  She is a very gifted physician with the ability to see what others would have missed and to integrate the seemingly unrelated pieces of the puzzle to effectively facilitate the healing process.  She is deeply compassionate, caring, and giving.  She is more considerate of my resources than I am.  She will think on the patient’s behalf how to achieve optimal treatment with the utmost respect for the patient.  I have recommend dr Hinchcliffe to many of my friends, and I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone that needs a great doctor.

M.C., Seattle

For the past ten years I have been a patient of Dr. Christa Hinchcliffe at Tahoma Clinic in Renton, Washington.  Dr. Hinchcliffe has been my primary doctor for preventative health care.  She has overseen the routines I use for nutritional needs, hormone balance and general healthy functioning.  I have benefited significantly from her help and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

I especially appreciate Dr. Hinchcliffe’s gentle demeanor, her warm sense of humor and her rigorous intellect.  When we meet, usually for an hour or more, she patiently explains test results and the options for addressing deficiencies.  Our sessions together are very educational for me.  I feel like I have a skilled coach in my corner!

I am very grateful to Dr. Hinchcliffe for her help and hope we can work together in the future.

D.P., Bellingham

I have consulted Dr. Christa Hinchcliffe at least annually for about a decade.  As a veterinarian who tries to keep up with the latest developments in medical biochemistry,  I find it difficult to find knowledgeable doctors.  Dr. Hinchcliffe is one of the best informed doctors I have found.  It has been a pleasure to work with her.

As unlike most health providers that I have consulted, Dr. Hinchcliffe understands the diagnostic  tests that I use for health maintenance.  These include the Metametrix Cardio-Ion panel, hormone tests, food sensitivity tests, etc. Dr. Hinchcliffe’s recommendations have been excellent.

Dr. Hinchcliffe is concerned with nutrition and detoxification and using bio-identical products.  One does not have to be concerned about toxic pharmaceuticals.

I am grateful to Dr. Hinchcliffe for her life-extending care.

M.P., DVM, Bellingham

I am writing a “Testimonial” in praise of Dr. Christa Hinchcliffe.  Your community is very fortunate to have a physician of Dr. Hinchcliffe’s ability, transferring her practice to Bainbridge Island .   As patient’s we have been acquainted with Dr. Hinchcliffe for a number of years and  have always been very impressed with her professional abilities and caring manner for her patient’s.

As a graduate of the esteemed Bastyl Institute, she displays a remarkable diagnostic ability and medical knowledge.

She was previously affiliated with the renowned Tahoma Institute for many years before making the decision to move to Bainbridge Island . I am sure she will be sorely missed at the Tahoma Clinic.

We are very honored to recommend Dr. Christa Hinchcliffe as a medical practitioner and wish her all the best in her new practice on Bainbridge Island.

H.C., Nordland

Dr. Christa Hinchcliffe has been my Dr. for over 12 years.  Her medical knowledge is grounded in solid research and patient experience.  But above all else, Dr. Hinchcliffe’s caring, compassionate approach to patient care has provided me much needed reassurance through both the joys and tragedies of my life.
I’m sure most of her patients feel as I do…………. that Dr. Christa Hinchcliffe is not just their Dr.;  but a trusted, much loved friend.  Bainbridge Island has just received a special gift!

P.H., Vancouver

I have been a patient of Dr. Hinchcliffe’s for over 6 years.  Her understanding of the multidimensional approach to holistic medicine and the body function has brought balance and quality to my health.  She listens to her patients and works with them at their pace.

B.O., California

Dr. Hinchcliffe is great at being able to see the big picture.  She always responds quickly and I trust her judgment about health completely. I feel blessed to have Dr. H as my primary doctor.

H.B., Florida

I have been seeing Dr. Hinchcliffe for over three years now. My primary reasons for seeing her include chronic migraines, hormonal imbalance, sub-clinical low thyroid, adrenal fatigue and acne. My seven-year-old son has also seen her for G.I. upset that baffled the pediatricians. She in incredibly kind and knowledgeable, and one of those rare “think outside the box” doctors. She has helped me tremendously, and I highly recommend her to anyone who doesn’t feel well.

R.H., Seattle